Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow s Walk

Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow s Walk

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89.00 Lei  -  109.00 Lei   (Pretul include TVA)

Autor:   Rob Daviau; Bruce Glassco; Bill McQuillan; Mike Selinker; Teeuwynn Woodruff
Jucatori:   3 - 6
Varsta:   12 +
Durata:   60 minute
Extensia necesita jocul: Betrayal at House on the Hill Betrayal at House on the Hill

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The house on the hill has a wicked reputation. Those who dare to darken its door often leave steeped in madness and despair — if they leave at all.

Now the horror reaches new heights with Widow's Walk, the first-ever expansion for the critically acclaimed board game Betrayal at House on the Hill. The house is expanded with the addition of twenty new rooms, including the roof, a previously unexplored floor. Also in its halls you will find new monsters, items, omens, events, and fifty brand-new haunts, penned by lead developer Mike Selinker's all-star cast of contributors from the world of gaming and entertainment. In Widow's Walk, terror and panic are taken to a whole new level.

Enter if you dare. Exit if you can...


  • 1 rule sheet
  • 2 haunt books (Traitor's Tome and Secrets of Survival)
  • 20 room tiles
  • 30 new cards (omen, event, item)
  • 76 tokens

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