Marco Polo

Marco Polo

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Autor:   Daniele Tascini Simone Luciani
Jucatori:   2 - 4
Varsta:   12 +
Durata:   100 minute
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It was the end of the 13th century when the Händle Niccolo and Matteo Polo set out on their second journey east. The young Marco, son of Niccolo Polo, is also there.
This trip happens on behalf of the great ruler Kubilaihan, who wants to learn more about Christianity. The three polos travel all over the world, over land, at sea, through
deserts and mountains, on camels and even elephants. In short, you will experience the most exciting routes of their time. Marco Polo is on the road for almost 25 years before he sees Venice again. His miraculous accounts were to become the most famous adventures in world history.

In Marco Polo, the players embody one of many characters who have worked with and around Marco Polo. They start in Venice and plan their own routes during the game. Here it is crucial to carefully weigh up which path promises the most success ... Directly to Beijing? Or would you prefer to take the expensive sea route via Sumatra?
In addition to these strategic decisions - new in every game - the question of which jobs are good and where the other players get in the way also arises.

Whether as monk Wilhelm von Rubruk, as a merchant from Tabriz or even as Kubilai Khan himself,
which character are you playing this time?

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Miami Dice, Episode 166 - Marco Polo

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Limba instructiuni, 01.06.2017, scris de Sigrid (Cluj-Napoca)
Buna ziua.
Va rog sa imi spuneti daca este varianta in engleza sau cea in germana a jocului.

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